Friday, March 24, 2017

Montbrook Site, Florida - Day 2 Turtle shell

March 23, 2017 - Thursday

The orange sand layer is at the top

This day I was assigned a different square, in the orange sand layer.  On the edge, going into the wall, is thought to be another limb bone of a gomphothere.  This was to be another day of not many pictures because I kept getting my hands dirty.  As I dug this square, I kept finding what I think are bits of turtle shell.  Sadly, they are broken and scattered.  I kept probing to see if I could find the extent of the shell, but the whole square had pieces.

Gomp limb bone is under the bags to the left.
We water the surface to make it easier to dig.


What was fun though, as I found some toe bones of varying sizes (1 to 2 cm).  And the best I found was a very fragile bone that I don't know to what it belongs.  My first guess is a scapula, but whose?  An alligator?  A big turtle?

And Rachel found a crab - yay invertebrates!!!!

I've also been doing some photogrammetry of finds in the quarry.  Check out:

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