Saturday, February 16, 2013

WIPS is going to Texas!

WIPS is preparing to travel to Texas!  We'll go through Kansas and Oklahoma on the way out, and New Mexico on the way back to Colorado.  There are so many places to go, we'd need weeks to get to them all.

Fortunately, we have the aid of the Dallas Paleontological Society (  Through emails, we've learned about places to go, people to see, and things to do - even if the weather isn't suitable for fossil hunting. 

As of this posting the itinerary has this shape:

Day 1 - Saturday, April 6, 2013
  • Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS
  • Leaf fossils in Ellsworth County, KS
  • Turitella at Kanopolis, KS
Day 2 - Sunday
  • Pennsylvanian marine, Cowley County, KS
  • Trilobites, White Mound, OK
Day 3 - Monday
  • Cretaceous ammonites at Lake Texoma
  • Shark teeth, Post Oak Creek, TX
Day 4 - Tuesday
  • Marine at North Sulphur River
  • Cretaceous at Decatur, TX
Day 5 - Wednesday
  • Pennsylvanian marine, Lake Jacksboro, TX
  • Attend Dallas Paleontological Society meeting
Day 6 - Thursday
  • Cretaceous at Benbrook Lake, TX
  • Pennsylvanian marine, Mineral Wells Fossil Park, TX
Day 7 - Friday
  • Echinoids, Fluvanna, TX
Day 8 - Saturday
  • Dinosaur tracks, Clayton Lake State Park, NM

This is not carved in stone, it's still being updated.  We'll soon have the night stops so hotel reservations may be made.