Friday, August 28, 2015

Bear Lake Field Trip 2015 - Day two: Mississippian

Soda Springs hourly geyser
We had a bonus stop today - we saw the Soda Springs geyser!  This was our morning meeting place.  From there we drove north about 25 miles to Pelican Point Quarry (I haven't heard why it is called this...).  This is an easily-accessed quarry of Mississippian Lodgepole limestone.

The stone is quite hard so you hope to find a piece containing that fossil you want and it is small enough to carry.  Actually, we all had some great finds.  The horn coral can be large and is the main attraction.  Also found were brachiopods, tiny crinoid parts, tabulate corals, and even a blastoid!

Brenda's syringopora tabulate coral
Bob's blastoid
The fossil hunting was so good, many of us underestimated the boxing needed for the day.  Back in Soda Springs Geyser park for lunch, we discussed how to fill that need.  It so happened, there was a nearby container with our answer.

"Dumpster Diving" for boxes
Having filled that need, we moved on to Fossil Canyon, a private drive with more of the Missippian cobbles.  Not so prolific, some did find some nice horn corals.  A couple of folks also found some beautiful stromatolites.

To cap the day, many of us dined at the Ranch Hand.  We ate like ranch hands, for sure!

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