Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fossil Hunting in England's Jurassic -- West side of Charmouth

April 20 - Barry's waterproof jacket and my waterproof pants weren't.  A little bracing wind and rain made for an experience, though not the best fossil collecting.  This is the famous Black Ven area, known for massive mudslides and pyritized ammonites.  We had neither.  Barry noted that, if he'd married Claire, he could be sipping mint julip's in the Caribbean now.

Our Charmouth Heritage Coast guided fossil tour headed up by 3 geologists included many enthusiastic and knowledgeable youngsters with good eyes for belemnites among the rocks.

Fossil tour west of Charmouth
A very wet Barry in a very wet English Channel.

Today's treasures and one crab claw.

Catherine of Aragon (1501) and King Charles II (1651) slept nearby.

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